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LangNetWork is the ultimate social network dedicated to all the languages of the world. High end technologies provided for FREE to share, learn, teach, translate, ask, create, promote, buy, sell, find a job and much more! Our community is expanding very fast, making it an useful addition to bookmark lists by internet users worldwide. On LangNetWork, no language is foreign anymore. That\'s LNW, trendy, global and useful. Join us and give yourself better chances!
With over 70 distinct areas, LangNetwork is definitely the first and biggest social network entirely dedicated to all the languages spoken in the world. All the activities on the site are not limited, there are no fees to access the site or parts of it, publication and interaction with other users are nearly unlimited. The community is financed by donations and paid advertisement. LangNetwork is a community of equals in terms of rights and at the same time a gathering point to share and exchange your peculiar knowledge with people from all around the world: linguists, polyglots, teachers, students, businessmen and housewives, factory and office workers, interpreters and translators, waiters and room maids, doctors, engineers and architects, IT professionals, retired and unemployed people, willing to use their and other languages to communicate and expose their culture and knowledge: Individuals who aim at improving themselves and finding new opportunities. All we ask you is to respect other users and be ready to join a new huge family, aiming to peace, reciprocal respect, productivity and legality. Enjoy your stay at LangNetwork!

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